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Battle for Greater Baltimore Football Game Returns to Campus

After not playing each other for six years, Towson University and Morgan State have officially announced the revival of The Battle for Greater Baltimore, which will include annual games between the two Division I football teams over the next four years. The Battle will kick off (pun intended!) on Saturday, September 2, at 6:00 p.m. at Towson University. TU and Morgan State played nearly every season from 1979 through 2011, and we are excited to see this historical series return. At a recent press conference, Towson University athletic director Tim Leonard said, “We are excited to renew the rivalry...

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Towson Tigers Support Community Partnerships

We all support and love our Towson Tigers, but there is a lot more to TU athletics than what they do on the field. While the Towson University Athletics Department has some significant accolades and big wins, they have even more to be proud of when you take a look at their unique relationships with community partners. Being an anchor institution, Towson University especially understands the importance of university-community partnerships and values our relationships with non-profits, municipalities, businesses, schools, government agencies, and neighborhoods. Over the past several years, the TU Athletics Department has expanded their relationships with a variety...

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My Internship Experience: Mackenzie Rice

This guest post was written by Mackenzie Rice, a junior studying political science and economics at Towson University. She is a member of the Women’s Golf team and interns with the Regional Economic Studies Institute. Many athletes that play Division 1 golf in college are striving to turn professional after their four years of studying and eligibility are over. However, I never saw professional golf in my future. I never wanted to put the pressure of making a pay check on the line, in case it would cause me to fall out of love for the game. As a...

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Going for the Gold: The Cost of Being an Olympian

In a few short days, the Olympic torch will make its way to the opening ceremonies of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, marking the start of the XXXI Olympiad. While the Olympics are an exciting time of national pride and athleticism, they are often accompanied by controversy. Hosting the games can be contentious, as many economists question the tradeoffs associated with spending billions of dollars for such a short, specialized event. This year’s games in Rio are no exception: from political and economic instability to institutional doping scandals affecting national teams to concerns over the Zika virus and public...

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Golf: Can Women Turn the Industry Around?

With three golf majors in the books and Tiger Woods’s career seemingly stalling, this might be a good time to examine the economics of golf. While there has been much discussion in the popular press about the demise of golf as a sport, and while we are bombarded with the rhetoric of how bad golf viewership, participation, and spending are in the post-Tiger world—is it really that bad, and are there forces that can save it? The golf industry was a $68 billion industry in 2011. The sport has contributed nearly $3.9 billion to charities, and it has generated...

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The Economic Impacts of Bicycling

As we reach the halfway point of the 2015 spring season, several things have transpired.  First, American Pharaoh has a chance to become the next Triple Crown winner, the Orioles can still win the World series, Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn have separated (who did not see that coming), and bicyclists in Lycra shorts and brightly colored jerseys have been racing down the roads of Maryland with their two-wheeled machines.  Many cyclists navigated the roads of Maryland the Friday before Preakness Saturday as part of National Bike to Work Day.  Numerous jurisdictions and associations sponsored events to encourage and...

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The Economic Impact of the Baltimore Orioles’ Postseason Play

A few years ago, I wrote a piece on the economic impact of the Orioles’ opening day. Little did I know that I would be following up with an analysis of postseason play. While I do not want to get ahead of myself, the prospect of—wait for it—being in the World Series confers additional economic impacts. October could be an economic boom to Baltimore City. In postseason play, the percentage of out-of-town visitors increases at each game. Moreover, the closer the race, the bigger the crowds at local watering holes and hotels. Based upon some prior studies, we estimate...

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What Makes Baseball Profitable

April marks a few beginnings for Maryland this year. House legislation increasing the minimum wage passed, Noah was set adrift from the top of the box office by Captain America, the weather hasn’t been negative twenty degrees, and baseball returns to Camden Yards. Of course, to get into the mood for the season, I like to pull out my collection of baseball movies. This would include the following: Major League (if you ask, you don’t get it), 42, The Sandlot, A League of Their Own, and Moneyball. The last one in the list is a new addition to the...

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Upcoming Homeland Security Event: “Leadership Lessons from the Boston Marathon Bombings”

The Edward V. Badolato Homeland Security Speaker Series is holding its next FREE event on Friday, April 11th, from 1:30-5 pm. The event will be held in the College of Liberal Arts Building, Room 4110, and will feature a networking reception and the keynote presentation. We are very excited about the speaker for this spring. Daniel Linskey, Superintendent-in-Chief of the Boston Police Department, will be giving the keynote address. On April 15, 2013, Dan Linskey was on foot patrol along the Boston Marathon route when two bombs were detonated near the finish line. As the Superintendent-in-Chief of the Boston Police Department, Dan was thrust into managing one of the largest law enforcement operations in New England’s history. Dan oversaw the arrest and capture if the terrorists after a fierce gun battle, which included bombs being thrown at officers, an unprecedented shutdown of the city, and one of the largest and most challenging tactical responses in the history of civilian law enforcement. During this session, Dan will provide participants with an in-depth overview of the response, and the leadership challenges he faced during the crisis. This event is especially timely, as it is happening four days before the one-year anniversary of the bombing. It also coincides with Operation STAT, a large-scale mass casualty drill that is happening at Towson University on the morning of April 11. The scenario for Operation...

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Hosting The Olympic Games: Is it Worth the Investment?

The winter and summer Olympic Games encompass significant work on behalf of the host cities. Before the Olympic Games begin, construction activity and preparation occur years in advance. One of the most frequently asked question once the Games are done is, “does the time and money invested to host the Olympic Games really benefit the host country?” One can assume that, aside from the pride gained in hosting, countries are expecting some benefit from their investment. The 2014 winter Olympic Games were hosted in Sochi, Russia, home to 343,000 citizens. This year’s host country invested significantly in the opening...

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