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Top Five Leadership Personality Tests

Organizations pay a high price for poor leadership and dysfunctional teams. Low productivity, high staff turnover, and poor customer service cripple profits and productivity. Focusing on improving leadership skills and building effective teams are high-ROI areas for organizational improvement. Towson University’s leadership development programs use scientifically grounded personal assessments to create a foundation of self-awareness upon which to build and improve new skills, abilities, and knowledge. Top Five Leadership Personality Tests The Dominance Influence Steadiness Conscientiousness (DiSC®) Personality Assessment tool provides self-assessment of the four-different personality types and how one’s natural tendencies impact the way information is processed and...

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Watering the Seeds of Emerging Leaders

While some may be “born-to-lead” and others grow into leadership characteristics and roles, a good leader knows that he or she will need some help along the way. Professional development programs water the seeds of leadership capabilities within organizations to help their own people rise to be effective contributors to teams and networks. Emerging leaders are vital to the growth and progress of any organization. These fresh and energetic upcomers possess an insight to day-to-day operations and can see and implement change from the ground up. Filled with passion, emerging leaders channel their energy into productive teams and effective...

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Dr. Nancy Grasmick Named Ambassador for Women’s Leadership Program

Since its beginning, Dr. Nancy Grasmick has been involved with the Towson University Professional Leadership Program for Women. She has led sessions, facilitated conversations with speakers, and has helped shape the program into what it is today. I am very excited to announce that Dr. Grasmick has been named Ambassador for the TU Professional Leadership Program for Women. As the leadership program expands and enters its fourth year in January, Dr. Grasmick will be instrumental in helping to develop relationships with our sponsors, networks, and partners at Towson University and throughout Greater Baltimore. A Trailblazer for Women Dr. Grasmick...

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Lifebridge Health Leadership Academy Grows at Towson University

Over the past three years of running the Towson University Professional Leadership Program for Women, we have been able to tactically grow and expand the program. With increased awareness of the program and the unique content format, we have attracted more government, non-profit, and corporate partners. This has allowed us to build community relationships and help to support BTU—the growth of partnerships to better address the needs of the region. A New Leadership Academy Forms An exciting example of this is the LifeBridge Health Leadership Academy at Towson University. Over the past two years LifeBridge Health has sent several...

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The Importance of Leadership Development

Leadership development programs have become an increasingly hot topic not only in the private sector but also in the public sector. More often than not, individuals enter a work position due to the fact they possess a unique or strong skill set. They are essentially the best person for their position. Over time they may change positions and sometimes take on more leadership roles. However, in most cases, people in leadership roles have not been taught leadership skills and principles. Leadership development programs help address this skills gap and help align leadership with corporate goals. Making an Investment Leadership...

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TU Professional Leadership Program for Women: 2017 Preview Event

Over two years ago, Towson University created the TU Professional Leadership Program for Women as a way to equip women leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to elevate their careers. Since that time, 38 women have graduated from two classes and the program has become the leading leadership development space in the Baltimore region. On Tuesday, October 4, Towson University and President Kim Schatzel, Ph.D., will host a Preview Event for the 2017 class. This is a great opportunity for prospective candidates and their employers to learn more about TU’s Professional Leadership Program for Women. Program Facilitator Kathleen...

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Towson University Professional Leadership Program for Women, 2016 Class

This morning I helped to welcome 21 women from the Greater Baltimore region into the 2016 class of the Towson University Professional Leadership Program for Women. Dr. Tim Chandler, Towson University interim president, said at this morning’s opening session, “Leadership development is at the core of Towson’s mission and this program really reflects that.” When we developed this program in 2014, we had high hopes that this would be a meaningful program and that the experience would be a rewarding one for both the participants and their employers. I believe the feedback from the 2015 class, their organizations, and...

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Professional Leadership Program for Women: Keynote Speaker

A couple months back, I wrote about the impact the Towson University Professional Leadership Program for Women had on participants, their employers and their organizations. On January 20, 2016, we will welcome another class of women from diverse backgrounds to Towson University for another semester-long program. Once again, the Leadership Program will allow participants to understand their personal leadership style. practice communicating with authority, projecting a professional presence, having difficult conversations, handling crisis communications, and networking. learn how to negotiate effectively, identify organizational culture, and excel within organizations. develop their personal brand and a road map for the future....

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TU Professional Leadership Program for Women

In 2014, leaders from Towson University began talking about how the University could harness our connections and provide a forum that would empower women with new leadership skills. We wanted to create a forum where women leaders could gain more self-awareness and create positive changes in their organizations and communities. Out of those conversations came the Towson University Professional Leadership Program for Women. Feedback for the Professional Leadership Program for Women In January 2015, we welcomed seventeen leaders from a diverse background of leadership roles into our inaugural class. The semester included panel discussions, group and individual coursework taught...

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Leadership Tips from a Workforce Development Professional

The Towson University Center for Professional Studies is working with the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals to hold the first Mid-Atlantic Leadership Academy for Workforce. The program kicked off at the end of January, and we were very grateful the weather cooperated!  Last month we held a webinar on the topic of Servant and Situational leadership. Our guest speaker was Josh Davies, who has been a key player in the workforce development industry throughout the country, and is the CEO of The Center for Work Ethic Development, based in Denver, Colorado. During the webinar, Josh talked about the attributes he thought made a successful leader. I found his insights really interesting and energizing, and wanted to share them with you. Here are five tips presented: Be explicit—Don’t use words like “maybe” or “probably.” Raise your expectations—Here he discussed a gas station/convenience store company called QuikTrip. The company has high expectations for employees, and they have met the challenge, giving QuickTrip very high levels of customer satisfaction. Additionally, QuikTrip has become one of the Fortune Magazine 100 best companies to work for. Be authentic—This is a theme that was all discussed by Katty Kay when she delivered a keynote address for the Towson University Professional Leadership Program for Women and emphasized how important this is, especially for women leaders. Give powerful recognition—When you give recognition make sure you explain...

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