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2016 Economic Outlook Forum Wrap Up

Universities—their primary mission is to educate. Without a doubt, they also act as major economic engines for a region. As Greater Baltimore’s largest university and a major area employer, this is certainly true for Towson University. How does a region capitalize on the presence of its anchor institutions so that both the anchors and surrounding communities not only coexist, but thrive together? This was the focus of Towson University’s 2016 Economic Outlook Forum entitled: Placemaking Ideals and the Role of Towson University. Approximately 175 community and business leaders and educators met at Towson University’s West Village Commons to attend...

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TU Economic Outlook Forum—Placemaking Ideals

I can count (at least) two big events happening this November. One is a little thing you may have heard about (more on that in a few paragraphs). The other is the Economic Outlook Forum, hosted by the Regional Economic Studies Institute (RESI) at Towson University. For the past twenty years, RESI has invited business leaders, educators, and community members to convene to discuss the state of Maryland’s economy while focusing on a particular theme. This year our focus will be on Placemaking Ideals and the Role of Towson University.Edit Edit date and time What Is Placemaking? At its...

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The Zombie Economy

A couple months back, I wrote about the 20th Annual Economic Outlook Conference (EOC) hosted by the Regional Economic Studies Institute (RESI) at Towson University. Now that this year’s EOC has passed, I want to update you on some of the highlights. The theme, Conscious Capitalism: The Economics of Doing Good, seemed to really resonate with many of our attendees, and that was really reassuring for me. Having the opportunity to hear about companies and company structures that do not just focus on profits was a fresh way to think about corporate America. I really hope it’s a trend...

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Conscious Capitalism: 2015 EOC Recap

What a day! Last week Towson University celebrated the 20th Anniversary of its Economic Outlook Conference (EOC), while the University released its economic impact report for its 150th anniversary. Anniversaries offer an opportunity to reflect, but importantly, particularly for Towson University, we use this time to also look forward to our exciting future. We are a university embracing growth, change, innovation and new opportunities. Apropos of looking forward, Dr. Irani presented his Maryland Economic Forecast. While some in attendance seemed dismayed that his prediction indicated a slowdown in the economy on the horizon, the research was telling and provided...

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2015 Economic Outlook Conference — Conscious Capitalism: The Economics of Doing Good

Things are starting to heat up around the RESI office as preparations are underway for this year’s Economic Outlook Conference (EOC), which will take place at Towson University on November 17. This year’s EOC theme is “Conscious Capitalism: The Economics of Doing Good.” I thought that the blog would be a perfect platform to touch on the topic prior to the event. What Is Conscious Capitalism? You may be already wondering, “What exactly is Conscious Capitalism?” The tagline on the Conscious Capitalism website states that “Conscious Capitalism exists to elevate humanity.” Well then, that certainly is a tall order....

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RESI Outreach: Anne Arundel County Public Schools Signature Program

Towson University is guided by its ten institutional priorities as part of its strategic plan. One of these priorities, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Applied Research, is especially pertinent to the Division of Innovation and Applied Research (DIAR) (it’s even part of our name). While this priority drives much of what we do at RESI, it is also valuable to partner with other organizations that embrace these principles as well. About the Signature Program One of RESI’s outreach activities includes working with the Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) for their innovative Signature programs. Signature programs connect students and teachers with...

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Economic Outlook Conference 2014: A Flat Recovery

As a new member of the RESI team, I had my first experience at the annual Economic Outlook Conference on Monday, November 17, held on-campus in the West Village Commons. In addition to the economic outlook presentation and forecast, the theme of this year’s conference was the impact of craft brewing in Maryland. After registration and a networking breakfast, the day officially began with Daraius Irani’s presentation “The Economic Recovery: Late to its Own Party.” As the title suggests, the presentation focused on how, even though the U.S. and Maryland economies are no longer in recessions, economic conditions are still subpar due to a lackluster recovery. For example, though Maryland has regained all of the jobs that were lost during the recession, these jobs are skewed towards low-wage, often part-time opportunities. Understandably, the RESI economic forecast was not exactly brewing with good optimistic news (excuse the puns, they are just inevitable). This year’s forecast predicts that employment growth will not exceed 0.5% annually from 2014 to 2017, which is not exactly great news for the state. One of the questions we get asked frequently is how accurate our forecast can be. When RESI reexamined our forecast from last year’s conference to compare it to the actual data from the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation (DLLR) RESI’s forecast was under by only 152 jobs. Yes, RESI predicted that...

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The 2014 EOC Conference: It’s Five O’clock Somewhere

We are once again busy preparing for this year’s Economic Outlook Conference. In past blog posts, I’ve written about all the work it takes to put together the outlook presentation and the extremely important part that students play in helping us put the event together. This year marks the ninth conference that I have been a part of. However, this year’s conference has the special distinction of being my very favorite one yet. I feel as though I have to preface that statement by saying that it has nothing to do with the conference-sponsored happy hour we hosted two weeks ago. In fact, this year’s theme, “The Economic Impact of Craft Brewing in Maryland,” is proving to be even more interesting than I expected. In preparation for the event, we have been learning a little more about the craft brewing industry. For example, there’s a big decision to make when deciding whether or not to can or bottle the brew. There’s also a difficult trademark process, and cease and desist letters are commonplace. These are just a few of the topics that the panel will be covering. I’ve also learned that there are jobs such as Chief Economist at the National Beer Wholesalers Association (Where did I go wrong in my career?). This year’s speakers are a diverse group of individuals with varied knowledge in the industry. We have...

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Economic Outlook Conference Happy Hour

Since 1995, RESI has been hosting the Economic Outlook Conference – that’s the same year many of the freshman at TU were born! Our team in RESI and OPO have been busy preparing for this year’s conference – creating, promoting, producing, designing, meeting, emailing – but the best part about preparing for this year’s conference is that Jade, Mikey, and I have been able to taste-test a few beers. You heard right! Our conference theme focuses on the economic impact of the craft brewing industry in Maryland, so it only seems right that we get to indulge in a few local beers, right? This year, in addition to Dr. Daraius Irani’s 2015 Economic Forecast, we will show short screenings of Brewmore | Baltimore – a recently released documentary chronicling the rich history of the beer industry in Baltimore, hear from Lester Jones, Chief Economist of the National Beer Wholesalers Association, and we will end our event with an optional beer tasting from our friends at Heavy Seas. There are 2 ways you can reserve your seat to the EOC! Interested in bringing your clients/staff/colleagues? Consider purchasing a table package. The table package includes 8 seats and recognition in the program as a table sponsor. The table package is $349, which is a $50 savings in ticket costs. Want to purchase an individual ticket? Individual tickets are for sale for...

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2013 Economic Outlook Conference Recap

The Regional Economic Studies Institute (RESI) hosted its 17th annual Economic Outlook Conference on November 6th, 2013, focusing on the film industry and its challenges, future, and impacts. The conference this year was comprised of two separate segments—one focusing on the economy and the other on the film industry in Maryland. The title for this year’s economic outlook presentation was “The Sum of All Fears”. The presentation provided a current and long-range view of the economic indicators affecting Maryland and the U.S. economy. In addition, it focused on the five years since the financial meltdown and how the national economy has managed to recover. Let’s be honest, sometimes presentations full of data and charts can start to get a little boring. To keep our audience engaged and spice up the data, RESI utilized Prezi—a relatively new presentation software. This new technology helped to keep the presentation exciting and entertaining. We received lot of positive feedback about it so we are excited to keep using it for future presentations. Our keynote speaker this year was well-known Baltimore native, film, television and stage actor, Kevin Kilner, or “Senator Kern” from House of Cards. Not only did he provide the insider’s perspective on the film industry, he was also very passionate about the filming that is done in Maryland. Kevin brought a lot of excitement and energy to the conference. Can’t wait...

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