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Battle for Greater Baltimore Football Game Returns to Campus

After not playing each other for six years, Towson University and Morgan State have officially announced the revival of The Battle for Greater Baltimore, which will include annual games between the two Division I football teams over the next four years. The Battle will kick off (pun intended!) on Saturday, September 2, at 6:00 p.m. at Towson University. TU and Morgan State played nearly every season from 1979 through 2011, and we are excited to see this historical series return. At a recent press conference, Towson University athletic director Tim Leonard said, “We are excited to renew the rivalry...

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Summer To-Do List: Help Populate BTU Database

When finding out that I work for a university, people often think that means I have off for summer break. However, while students leave campus for the season, the work of faculty and staff continues. One major item on my summer to-do list in particular, is completing an annual review of all of the external partnerships that are part of BTU—Partnerships at Work For Greater Baltimore. We are very excited that, for the first time this year, we are able to do this through the BTU Database, which we have been populating with partnership information over the past several...

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Marlene Riley Recognized for Work with Older Adults

While many of Towson University’s faculty and staff are hard at work building and maintaining ongoing relationships with external partners, I would like to highlight one in particular—Marlene Riley, who was recently recognized by the Baltimore County Department of Aging (BCDA) for her work with their senior centers. Marlene, Clinical Associate Professor and Associate Graduate Faculty in TU’s Department of Occupational Therapy & Occupational Science, has been working with BCDA since 2006. Most recently, Marlene collaborated with BCDA on their Reimagine Aging initiative, which aims to challenge the stereotypes of getting older. Through this effort, graduate occupational therapy students...

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BTU Showcase: Strong Neighborhoods and Sustainable Communities

We are less than one month out to the 10th Annual BTU Showcase and I am excited to continue to share the extensive list of projects and centers that will be featured at this year’s event. With nearly 50 exhibitors in total, if you’re interested in initiating or growing your collaborative work with Towson University, the BTU Showcase is the best place to start. As we countdown, I will continue to feature some of the great projects and centers that will be represented at this year’s event, with each post focusing on one of the five BTU impact areas: High-Quality...

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BTU Showcase: Lifelong Health and Well-Being

There is just a little more than a month to go before the BTU Showcase, and the plans are coming together. We have a great group of exhibitors, jumping from 15 in 2016 to nearly 50 this year. If businesses or community groups are interested in partnering, in any capacity, with Towson University, the BTU Showcase is the place to be. As we countdown, I will continue to feature some of the great projects and centers that will be represented at this year’s event, with each post focusing on one of the five BTU impact areas: High-Quality and equitable education...

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BTU Showcase: A Vibrant Arts and Cultural Community

As I promised in my last blog post, over the next few weeks leading up to the BTU Showcase, I will feature some of the great projects and centers that will be represented at this year’s event. Each post will focus on one of the five BTU Impact Areas: High-Quality and equitable education Lifelong health and well-being Strong neighborhoods and sustainable communities Thriving and competitive economy Vibrant arts and cultural community A Vibrant Arts and Cultural Community Recognized as a thriving cultural center for Maryland, Towson University is committed to enhancing access to the arts. The following centers and projects...

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BTU Showcase Highlights Partnership Impact Areas

The annual BTU Showcase, a networking event that highlights university-community partnerships, is just around the corner. I am excited to share that, in its tenth year, it’s going to be the biggest event yet. With a new location at SECU Arena, we have selected nearly 50 Towson University projects, centers, and institutes to be featured, all of which present opportunities to collaborate with external partners. Over the next several weeks, I will be sharing information about the BTU Showcase exhibitors, each one selected because they represent the breadth and diversity of work that is happening with our partners across...

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Making BTU Work for Greater Baltimore

Towson University values its university-community partnerships. In 2016, President Schatzel made the support and growth of partnerships a top priority at TU. BTU—Partnerships at Work For Greater Baltimore—helps elevate the work we are doing to better address the needs of our region. The BTU Council Last week marked the first BTU Council meeting, where I was joined by a diverse group of members, representing the colleges, departments, centers, and institutes across the TU campus. While there have been groups in the past focused around partnerships, one of the main tasks that the BTU Council is specifically charged with is...

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BTU Showcase Provides Opportunity for TU Faculty

For the past 10 years, the Division of Academic Affairs and the Division of Innovation and Applied Research have collaborated to host the TU Showcase, highlighting collaborative projects and programs between Towson University and non-profits, schools, healthcare organizations, government agencies, and businesses. This presents endless opportunities for TU faculty, researchers, and administrators to, not only share their impactful work, but also expand their projects and programs by making connections within and outside the Towson University campus. This year, with President Schatzel’s priority around BTU, we are very excited that we have a new name—The BTU Showcase. Also new this...

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Kathleen Crostic Named Partnerships Manager

The Office of Partnerships and Outreach recently welcomed Kathleen Crostic to our team. As partnerships manager, she will work with partners and TU faculty and staff to support and grow existing and new university-community partnerships. With President Schatzel’s new priority around community engagement and partnerships through the BTU Priority and Framework, having Kathleen on board is incredibly important. She will be actively collaborating with departments across campus to move our institution-wide agenda forward. Kathleen comes to us with a seasoned record of creating strong partnerships and relationships with businesses, neighborhoods, non-profits, and community members all with the underlying goal...

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