Author: Julie Knight, Ph.D.

Collaboration Leads to Success on MDOT Project

The units within Towson University’s Division of Innovation and Applied Research each have a primary focus that guides their work. However, many of our services are complementary. Today, units are are working together on collaborative studies, marketing their services together rather than independently, now more than they ever have in the past. One great example of this collaboration is the Center for Professional Studies (CPS) working with the Regional Economic Studies Institute (RESI) to conduct a study on the level of engagement among employees at the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT). Earlier this year MDOT contracted CPS to complete...

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Economic Impact of Opportunity Youth in Maryland

The Regional Economic Studies Institute (RESI) hosted the Maryland Workforce Outlook Forum on May 17 at Towson University. The event highlighted the economic conditions and workforce impacts of different groups in the state, one of which was opportunity youth. Opportunity Youth Opportunity youth are 16–24 year olds who are not currently attending school nor are they currently employed. Opportunity youth are also referred to as “disconnected youth” because these individuals have the potential to reconnect with the workforce through education or employment. This is a heterogeneous population that can include young adults who have dropped out of high school,...

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#StudentExperience: Mackenzie Rice

We are back with our last #StudentExperience post of the semester. Mackenzie is a junior studying political science and economics at Towson University, where she also interns at the Regional Economic Studies Institute (RESI). Each week she works to provide research and data collection to support the RESI team and their projects. Mackenzie’s favorite task so far has been conducting research for a project with the Maryland Department of the Environment. “I have learned a lot about energy conservation and emissions reductions, two things that I really had no prior information about. I love to research something that is...

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#StudentExperience: Rachel Grueninger

We are back with another #StudentExperience blog post. Rachel is a senior studying business administration and finance at Towson University, where she also works as a student business researcher at the Regional Economic Studies Institute (RESI). Each week Rachel performs research and data analysis to support the RESI team and its projects. Although she has worked on several projects, one of her favorites has been working to track U.S. Department of Defense funding and spending across the state for the Maryland Department of Commerce. By working on these projects, Rachel has been able to hone her research and data...

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Brexit: Looking at UK’s EU Referendum

The European Union (EU) has grown from 6 founding members in 1957 to 28 member states in 2016. The original aim of the EU was to prevent future conflict among its member states. To meet this aim, the EU holds the principles of free movement of goods, finance, and labor within the EU as core tenets to increase cohesion. The free movement of goods and finance has traditionally been widely accepted by member states due to the economic advantages associated with it. The free movement of labor has been less accepted by member states as EU migrants can live...

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Maryland Defense Network

Maryland is home to a significant military presence that includes 20 military facilities, including 11 major military installations, and a vast defense industry made up of approximately 8,500 aeronautical and defense businesses. Maryland’s defense industry supports a wide variety of sectors ranging from cybersecurity to unmanned autonomous systems to advanced manufacturing and beyond. Maryland is rated among the top 5 U.S. states for defense spending. The Department of Defense (DOD) Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) is interested in understanding the impact of DOD funding in states like Maryland and preparing companies in those states for future fluctuations in DOD...

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Maryland Construction Industry Demand Study

The Regional Economic Studies Institute (RESI) , partnering with HR&A Advisors of Washington, D.C., is currently conducting a study on behalf of the Maryland Center for Construction Education & Innovation (MCCEI) . The aim of the study is to understand the gap between the demand from the Maryland construction industry for Bachelor’s degree holders and the number of Bachelor’s degree graduates in the construction/built environment field that academic institutions in Maryland produce. This study builds on MCCEI’s study published in 2012 entitled “The Critical Path,”  which outlined the major trends of the construction industry in Maryland. To complete this research, the project...

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Exporting the Inner Harbor: Baltimore’s Influence in Wales

Having lived in Wales for the past nine years, I am a recent transplant to the Towson area. As is the case with many people who have recently moved, I often explain my current location and my previous location by referencing the largest city in each respective area—Baltimore and Cardiff. The interesting thing about these two cities is their interconnected history, which I have become quite familiar with over the last year. Despite their size difference, the similarities between these two cities have been recognized by travelers, bloggers, and academics for years. As a result, for my first blog...

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