Author: David Cross

EdTech Innovation Showcase Fosters Key Opportunity for EdTech Startup Speak Agent

From pitch to pilot, Speak Agent showcased its innovative new English-language application at the 2016 inaugural EdTech Innovation Showcase and landed a pilot program with EdTech industry leader Sylvan Learning. Speak Agent, Inc. met the chief product officer of Sylvan Learning at TU Incubator’s 2016 EdTech Innovation Showcase. “As a direct result of this meeting, we executed a pilot agreement,” Speak Agent CEO Ben Grimley said. “We’ll be conducting the pilot this fall in New York City. This is a strong potential channel for Speak Agent’s K-5 academic language learning product. We’re so grateful for the opportunity provided by Towson...

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TU Incubator Member Spotlight: Mindprint Learning

Working at the TU Incubator not only exposes you to the passion and creativity of entrepreneurs, but it immerses you in it. Our education technology members have big ideas that make a real impact in our community. It is a privilege to work with them day in and day out. Recently we caught up with Nancy Weinstein, Founder and CEO of Mindprint Learning. Five Questions with Mindprint Founder & CEO Nancy Weinstein 1. Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur? I’ve always had a desire to create something unique and different. That said, I wouldn’t say I decided...

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TU Incubator Member Spotlight: Mandrel

One of the great benefits of working at the TU Incubator is getting to work with a wonderful group of entrepreneurs with big ideas and the desire to make a real impact. This is especially true for our education technology members. Tara Gallant, Founder of Mandrel, is a great example. Five Questions with Mandrel founder Tara Gallant 1. Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur? Being an entrepreneur is in my DNA. No matter what company I have worked for I always looked for opportunities to serve customers better by understanding their wants and needs and then delivering beyond...

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TU Incubator Hosts NMTC Inventor’s Portal Workshops

Where do the ideas come from that become the most desirable, useful, and world changing products, services, or software? Actually, they come from you, your neighbor, a problem solver, a student, just about anyone. On Monday, February 27, the TU Incubator is hosting the NMTC Inventor’s Portal — a free series that is “specifically” for everyone. The NMTC created the Inventor’s Portal to encourage personal growth and economic opportunity and prosperity for anyone who ever said, “I have an idea!” In the NMTC Inventor’s Portal Workshop series, subject matter experts will outline the process of invention, and give you fast-track steps...

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TU Incubator to Host EdTech Innovation Showcase

TU Incubator is proud to announce Speak Agent, Inc. as one of the featured EdTech companies presenting at the EdTech Innovation Showcase on December 8, 2016. The EdTech Innovation Showcase is a networking event featuring education entrepreneurs who are solving today’s K–12 and post-secondary challenges. The showcase will bring together regional EdTech companies and representatives from schools, colleges, universities, along with channel partners and investors. On having Speak Agent featured at the EdTech Innovation Showcase Frank Bonsal III, Director of Towson University Entrepreneurship, said “We are very excited to have Speak Agent present at our showcase. Ben is a...

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