Author: Katie (Catherine) Menking

The Great American Eclipse of 2017: A Boom for Business

The Great American Eclipse of 2017 is over, with the next significant viewing opportunity in the U.S. expected in 2024. With such a highly-anticipated event that was visible to all of North America, there have been a multitude of articles discussing the associated economic booms and productivity losses. For towns in 14 states that were in the path of totality, or the 70-mile wide band in which the sun was completely obscured by the moon, an influx of tourists presented an opportunity for economic gains, albeit some logistical headaches. The demand for eclipse-watching spots in the path of totality...

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Medical Staffing Shortage: A Case of Supply and Demand

For my first blog post, I thought I would delve into something that is not only relevant to Maryland’s healthcare system and economy, but also significant on a worldwide scale: medical staffing. There is a major global shortage of healthcare workers, and one that will become more severe as the population grows and ages. The World Health Organization has estimated that by 2035 there will be a global deficit of 12.9 million skilled healthcare professionals, compared to a 2013 shortage estimate of 7.2 million. In the U.S., the Census estimates that the number of Americans aged 65 years or...

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