Author: Bailey Susic

Lifebridge Health Leadership Academy Grows at Towson University

Over the past three years of running the Towson University Professional Leadership Program for Women, we have been able to tactically grow and expand the program. With increased awareness of the program and the unique content format, we have attracted more government, non-profit, and corporate partners. This has allowed us to build community relationships and help to support BTU—the growth of partnerships to better address the needs of the region. A New Leadership Academy Forms An exciting example of this is the LifeBridge Health Leadership Academy at Towson University. Over the past two years LifeBridge Health has sent several...

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The Importance of Leadership Development

Leadership development programs have become an increasingly hot topic not only in the private sector but also in the public sector. More often than not, individuals enter a work position due to the fact they possess a unique or strong skill set. They are essentially the best person for their position. Over time they may change positions and sometimes take on more leadership roles. However, in most cases, people in leadership roles have not been taught leadership skills and principles. Leadership development programs help address this skills gap and help align leadership with corporate goals. Making an Investment Leadership...

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TU Welcomes 2017 Professional Leadership Program for Women Class

Yesterday, Towson University welcomed 23 women into the third class of the TU Professional Leadership Program for Women. The women in this year’s class are an incredibly diverse and accomplished group, representing a broad range of professions. Each brings her own unique perspective, which benefits the other women in the current class and our growing alumnae network. 2017 Class Participants Anne Bannon’s professional background demonstrates a breadth of knowledge and global experience. For the past eight years, Anne has worked as CFO/COO and as an advisor on regulatory issues across the globe for Madd Gear, a global company which...

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Creating Customized Training Programs that Work

As I was doing some research for a new project I’m working on I came across this quote: “The only thing worse than training an employee and having them leave, is to not train them, and have them stay.” It may seem a little harsh, but having an employee who understands their strengths and has proper training can help boost sales and company morale and increase employee and customer satisfaction. Customized Training Programs At the Towson University Center for Professional Studies one of the most creative and dynamic services we provide is customized training. We have an entire arsenal...

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Fridays for Workforce Innovation: Team Building and Leadership Tools

Last spring, Towson University Center for Professional Studies launched Fridays for Workforce Innovation as a way to connect our education, business, nonprofit, and government communities. It is a monthly discussion that looks at innovations and best practices in workforce development and training. We are kicking off the fall semester with a round table discussion on team building and the importance of creating a strong team mentality. Many of our clients employ us to develop and deliver team building services that are tailored to their employees and mission. Growing a strong team not only allows for employees to buy in...

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Using Video Production for Workforce Development

A unique service we offer at Towson University Center for Professional Studies (CPS) is video production. Initially, this may seem like an odd service to provide for a team that specializes in workforce development training. However, video production does fit seamlessly with our other services. Workforce development training is more than simply offering training sessions for employees. It is about equipping a workforce with not only the skills but also the tools they need to provide services to their internal or external clients. Video production assists with these goals by providing an innovative and cost effective way to train...

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Fridays for Workforce Innovation: Training Evaluation

The field of professional development and workforce training is dynamic as technology continues to drive change. Last month the Center for Professional Studies launched a speaker series called Fridays for Workforce Innovation to help business leaders in our region address these changes. Nicole Tucker-Smith, founder and CEO of LessonCast, kicked off the series with a discussion on how technology can help connect trainers and instructors to improve professional development. Although it was a snowy morning, a diverse group of leaders from business, government, and non-profit sectors turned up and had a great conversation. Hear what they had to say...

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Project Management Best Practices

Working as a Project Manager for the Center for Professional Studies (CPS) at Towson University, I often find myself immersed in a copious amount of projects that are all seemingly different. However, I believe the biggest aspect to project management is organization. Using the following best practices gives me and my colleagues the chance to build and maintain organization and structure throughout the course of any project. In order to help organize myself and stay on track, here are four best practices of project management I like to keep in mind. 1. The Kick Off At CPS, we always...

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