Author: Brian Coleman

Five Helpful Tips for Navigating Windows 10

The Microsoft Windows 10 operating system has been out for years already but some business establishments have just begun to transition from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Microsoft operating systems beyond Windows 7 have been a slight bane to non-technology centric users due to the expansive user interface changes. Microsoft seems to have settled with its change of the “Start Menu” for Windows 10, finding it closest to the user experience of Windows 7 and making it the most suitable choice for businesses. As a user who has used Windows 10 in a business environment for a couple years,...

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Cybersecurity: Keeping your WordPress Website Safe

WordPress is a fantastic, open-source website design tool that is popular among blogging and website-related Content Management Systems (CMS). WordPress provides a free and easy-to-use platform for users of all levels of expertise to create and design a website. WordPress even offers website hosting for free using their platform (with limited features). To use the full features of WordPress, users will need to host their website themselves or reach out to a hosting company to keep the lights on. With WordPress’s increasing popularity, the question of security rises. Popular, open-sourced platforms like WordPress are easy targets for hackers to...

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