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2017 Year In Review

As 2017 comes to a close and we look forward to a new year, it’s always good to look at where we’ve been. Our year in review highlights some of our accomplishments, impacts, and stories from the past twelve months. Creating Opportunities for Business Growth TU Incubator supports and promotes venture creation and small business growth in order to stimulate economic development and to further the respective missions of Towson University and Baltimore County. Impacting Our Economy According to research by TU’s Regional Economic Studies Institute, TU Incubator has generated an economic yield of $150 million since launching in...

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Connect With Us On Social Media

Last year, when I was new to my job, I wrote about getting to know the Division of Innovation and Applied Research at Towson University. A main focus of my job is to manage and edit this blog. Another focus is overseeing the management of the Division’s social media accounts. With a goal of connecting Towson University to the greater Baltimore region, our social media presence helps to tell our story and highlight the work of my colleagues. Have a look and connect with us. And if you have any feedback, let us know!     Division of Innovation and...

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Excellence Awards Highlight Division Successes

Earlier this week the Division of Innovation and Applied Research held its 8th Annual Awards Breakfast. This is always a great opportunity to catch up with colleagues and to recognize the accomplishments of the Division and of our peers. Interim vice president Dr. Daraius Irani thanked employees for the work they do to support the University, the Division, and our clients. He spoke about the Division’s body of work, the staff’s diverse talents, and the need to be nimble during a period of change. Dr. Irani also noted that the Division has a strong advocate in TU’s president and...

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Convening Support: LAPS for Autism

In a recent blog post, my coworker discussed how the Office of Partnerships and Outreach acts a convener, managing and supporting conversations and events for community partners as well as on-campus colleagues. One such on-campus colleague is the Hussman Center for Adults with Autism, one of five centers located at Towson University’s Institute for Well-Being where community services are provided by Towson University students under the supervision of licensed or professional faculty and staff. The Hussman Center provides services, classes, and social opportunities for adults living with autism. In 2015, over 125 individuals participated in their programs and over...

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2015 Year In Review

A couple months back, I wrote a blog post about my experience getting to know the Division of Innovation and Applied Research. I was new to my job and trying to learn as much as I could about who we were and what we did. Fast forward to today, I am a lot more knowledgeable about the work we do, and if you’re a reader of this blog, you should be as well. Today, I am looking back at this blog with a Year In Review. By the end of 2015, we will have posted 99 blog posts by...

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The Division of Innovation & Applied Research

Getting to Know You It’s been about two months since I started my new position as Digital Marketing Specialist with the Division of Innovation & Applied Research (DIAR) at Towson University. As most people do when landing a new job, I went through many feelings. First, was the rush of excitement and the congratulatory pats on the back. Second, was the feeling of anxiety when nerves kick in about learning to navigate new responsibilities, a new work culture, and new coworker relations. One of the first things I learned was the Division of Innovation & Applied Research is made up of a diverse group of professionals working on a wide range of interesting projects. We often sum up what we do by saying, “We serve as a point of entry for businesses, non-profits, government agencies, and community members interested in collaborating with Towson University.” However, as I continue to settle in and take on the task of expanding our digital reach, I have found we are a lot more than that. Getting to Know All About You Here’s a bit about what I’ve learned about the Division that will help keep me on target to expand our digital reach. Hopefully it will also help you get to know who we are and what we do as well. We focus on four primary areas: Applied Research and Technical Services: This...

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Navigating the Student Launch Pad at Towson University

At the Student Launch Pad, we know that entrepreneurship happens within all disciplines. We’ve met and worked with Towson University students majoring in biology, economics, business administration, family studies, and many more. Working with diverse students has helped us create a variety of use cases that depict the various ways that students can navigate and access our programming and resources. Students that interact with us and attend our programs tend to be in one of four stages of engagement or exploration: activate, ideate, validate, launch. These stages help us classify the type of assistance a student might need and...

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New Tool Coming to the Student Launch Pad

One of the main goals of the Student Launch Pad at Towson University is to create a thriving culture of entrepreneurship among Towson students, faculty, and staff—because we believe every student has the power and choice to be an entrepreneur and create their own opportunities. One of our newest initiatives that we will be kicking off in the fall is a new collaborative software called LaunchPad Central. We will be using this new method and set of tools to help students validate business hypotheses, test for value, and enhance the start-up process. This technology platform is a hub for students, mentors, and Launch Pad staff to collaborate on Lean initiatives and track progress of a startup or idea. We will integrate the software into the way we engage with students individually and as startup teams. As students work through the Business Model Canvas, they will report and illustrate their findings on and opportunities that support pivots and iterations of their initial hypotheses. Mentors and Student Launch Pad Specialists will be able to regularly track changes to students’ business model canvas—reviewing interview data and the results of business model experimentation. This software will help our students stay connected to their projects and track and legitimize the startup development process.   The LaunchPad Central software will also help us expand our offerings and collaborate more regularly with faculty on student projects—specifically,...

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Launch Pad Student Wants You to ‘Hop Your Pint’

The Student Launch Pad has been active at Towson University for two semesters now, during which we have had many opportunities to meet and engage with creative students with a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. One such student is senior biology major Bobby Gattuso, who founded an innovative company called Hop Theory in 2013. Bobby is passionate about craft beer and sought to create a product that infuses ordinary beers to bolster their flavor and make them more palatable. Bobby developed custom sachets that essentially work like teabags. Each biodegradable sachet is filled with ingredients such as cascade hops,...

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Join Student Launch Pad on April 2 for the Semi-Annual Entrepreneur Fair!

This Thursday, April 2nd, the Student Launch Pad will be hosting our semi-annual Entrepreneur Fair! Joining us in Freedom Square, in the heart of campus, will be the Office of Civic Engagement & Leadership, as well as the American Marketing Association. With this collaborative and exciting event, we hope to create awareness of the Entrepreneur Experience at Towson and expose students to everyday entrepreneurship! This semesters fair will feature a variety of activities and challenges for students. Civic Engagement will be facilitating a ‘Campus Conversation’ on the freedom square chalkboards, asking the question, “What everyday problems do see that should have been solved by now?” We will then ask students to come up with innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to these issues. Students, faculty, and staff can also join the conversation online. Other activities include a brand memory challenge, a paper airplane throwing competition, difficult rounds of entrepreneur trivia, and an As Seen on TV pitch contest. And of course, what good is a fair without a treat—the Entrepreneur Fair will feature a snow-ball stand where students can mix and match to create their own signature flavor! Last semester’s fair was a huge success for the Student Launch Pad and we hope to draw just as many students this Thursday, in Freedom Square. Come see what entrepreneurship at Towson is all about at the Entrepreneur...

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